Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Day I Said Goodbye to Home School

In honor of the last month of school, I have decided to blog about my first year in regular school and mostly, what I have learned through this experience. 

If you must know, I have been home-schooled since birth. It was partially because my parents wanted to be the one to teach me and mold me instead of the teachers who will be with me most of my day. The other reason being, as I grew up I was very much involved with my ballet classes. Both my ballet mentor and parents encouraged me that it was best if I stayed home-schooled due to the two classes I was already attending. It was fine with me, and I did agree with the decision. But later on, I started to have this crave to be part of a regular school. I felt so left out, like an "outcast". I did have many friends because of different activities but it was different from having school friends. I complained a lot about having to do so much things. I kept thinking why I had to be so independent. At the same time, I also felt so dumb. I had no one to compare myself to so I always thought that my schooling was so behind.  I really felt different from the others. 

June last year, my parents and I finally decided it was time for me to move to another page. I started classes at the same school my brothers and sisters were at. I had friends instantly because I knew almost everyone in the school, that's why I wasn't worried at all about having friends. I was more worried about trying to catch up with my education. Days would pass by and then I would realize, I was not dumb but I was different in a little way. Being independent all those years was for the better after all. Doing school at home all those years was for the better after all. I did well because I applied everything my parents had already taught me. I understood now why they wanted home-school for me. I had my values, I knew how to stand in what I believe in, I knew how to manage my time, I knew how to respect and just obey, I knew how to not make excuses, I knew that it was okay to make mistakes, I knew that I should work hard and always do my best, and most of all I knew that in everything I should please God. I knew I was set apart because I learned all these things from home. This whole year made me realize that I am more than blessed to have experienced that kind of learning. More than just education but about life. Nope, I am not trying to say i'm  perfect but because of that I knew where I stood.

Those years were a great preparation for where I am now. I love home-school but, I am in the next chapter and i'm loving it. Day by day, keeping in mind all the things I have learned and keep learning. That girl who people think was so sheltered? She was actually in preparation and exposed to the real world. 

Family, friends, T. Chelo, thank you for constantly reminding me that I am smart girl with great things ahead. 

To my awesome and wonderful parents, I want to thank you for teaching me so much about different things. I would have not learned those values and teachings anywhere else. I hope you are proud of the girl you raised! I love you.